Wednesday, November 10, 2004

vintage suitcase, vintage picture

cafe may
Originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.
Thinking vintage. This is a photo taken by a wonderful film maker named John Porter. It is me at Cafe May, circa 1988. Inside my suitcase, are little chairs that I made, one per day, to be the audience for the S8 film that I made, to be projected on the painting that I painted. Very multi-media eh? Me and my dear suitcase have been around a long time together. It is even more vintage than myself, I think suitcase was born in the 1950's.


Anonymous said...

love the borscht recipe can I have more??? mmmm good!!!you're the greatest and even a better cook but can you bake a cherry pie?

tania said...

oh nice!!
i LOVE little chairs. that must have been a really show!

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