Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Close to Home

we stayed close to home
the day moon laughed,
out loud
we stared in disbelief
the realtor Gweenie called,
she looked
at me with scorn,
you can't be serious...
living in an acorn
i said it's true
we are happy not blue
we wouldn't sell our wee nut
not for a mansion
nor a hut
we stayed close to home
we didn't roam
did use the phone
ordered some eggnog
and a piece of pepper corn
the moon giggled
our cat had a fit. HA HA HA
i took some scissors. i started to snip
a patch of sky around the moon
of a peaceable noon
the tv blared
we ate toast
said farewell Gweenie and became our own host

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Hellkitten said...

I could sit for hours with your melodic words swirling around me ... I should be preparing for a job interview but made the mistake of looking at your Illo Friday entries for this week, and then all your photos on flikr and now I'm somewhere deep in your blog history. I will leave you here until the weekend when I am free to cyberwander again but before I go - did you know that in England '1 pepper corn' is the amount you charged per year as ground rent?! It's true I promise ... although we were never asked to pay it when we lived in our flat so that was good money wasted buying peppercorns ;-) Thanks for cheering me up when I'm feeling all pre-interview stressy and fragile.

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