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Friday, December 10, 2010

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


this is today

i woke very early
and instead of pretending to be normal
and getting me required eight hours

at five
i rose

and made a puppy who is blue
named ralf

then i went into the mountain of laundry
laundry mountain

and putting on my scaling equipement
started the climb

used bleach
this is new

and folded a bunch
and put it in large plastic bag
like the laundromat that takes in laundry
and charges 20 a pound


then the tub
called me
and the terrible cleaning product
because really it's embarassing but it is grey

and the fumes woke my daughter
what the heck is this awful stuff
but i think it is working magic
on my martha stewart dreams

then i ate old pizza and new tea
and bea my girl
told me she isn't feeling well
it's that time of year
so i called the school

and feed the pets
and did more laundry
and took the dog out
first putting him into the equivilant of a snow suit
perpetually two
i put him in little rubber boots with socks to make
taking them off easier
because of the salt

and returned the depressing but well made film
to the library

and we meet up with a cute weiner dog
who had anger management issues
and yelled at my dog
and scared me
not so cute

and then while the computer warmed up
she's old and finicky

i swept under the love seat
and owen the dog tried to help
eat the dust bunnies
but i shoed him away

and the hanukah is ending tonight
and the tree is up

and things keep coming in the house
like flyers
and greeting cards from people who sold us something
like insurance
and stuff like presents
some we eat
others we wear
others linger

and i am reminded of the heap to charity
that i haven't called for pick up

and all the magazines to read
and books and patterns

and the dust
which likes to settle down
and make its self at home

it's only 9:30

will my tub become sparkling
will the fumes intoxicate us
will we be okay

my smile isn't super white
my teeth are like that


put away



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