Wednesday, March 26, 2008

up my sleeve

up my sleeve, originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

have a fungi birthday

card fungi birthday, originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.

and if it isn't your birthday have a fungi day any way!

new card design now available in my etsy shop and also soon to be available at the fantastic paper goods shop 'the paper place' in toronto's west end on queen right near trinity bellwoods park, also to note, while i was there last, i did notice that the print gocco is once again being carried by the paper place (a.k.a. the japanese paper place in it's last incarnation) very happy to have them carry this new design and some of my others too!

please excuse bad spelling, bad grammer and ramble, very tired
where is the sun? is it spring yet? are those snow flakes? what northern latitude did you say toronto was on?

talk soon,

please note too, that my dear blogger will not help with my spelling it just spews lots of odd letters when i ask it to...poor bloggy misses the warm sun and weather too!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

lunchee date doodle

lunchee date doodle, originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

monkey madness and other news

thank you to the participants in last saturday's workshop.
you inspired me.

just to note this saturday sandwiched between eggs and easter and good friday another workshop may happen, at nathalie-roze and company, this one on saturday 10-1pm, the theme, making sock should be as much fun as a barrel of them.

tibet lurks at the foremost
i am so sad at the violence and unrest in this part of the world,
as it happened before i heard the news i keept getting images in my mind of the wooly ox like creature, that i associate with tibet, my friend christian's music keept evoking this for me, lingerings and drawings of prayer flags and holy travelllers, resonating, deeply moving...

today rain, and dogs and snow heaps melting

rain i love, and the glow of the colours phospheresent dreamyness and cool rain, so quiet on the eyes

peace inner and outter i wish for myself and for you


Friday, March 14, 2008

tomorrow card making workshop at nathalie-roze


Please do come. There is still some room in the workshop.

Head out of clouds and in the warm and friendly back room at Nathalie-Roze and Company.

Tomorrow, Saturday I will be offering my Creative Card Making workshop, a workshop just as much about process as product, unleash your creative card making genie and make some fabulous cards that only you could make.

Workshop time is 10am-1pm, treats are served at the break.

Please check out Nathalie-Rozes link, in my link list and click on workshop for more details.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

smooth ride

The cab driver had hanging from the wind shield a heart.



Christian asks, "What does it say?"

"Is it writing?"

The driver smiling says, "It is a name..."

"Alah, a name for the Muslim God."

I say,

"Yes, different names, many different names for the same God, Yes?"

Yes, yes the same one
large hand gestures
encompass inside the taxi and beyond

the drivers hands off the wheel
suddenly his hat transformed
from a grey fashionable flat top peaked cap
to something white,
a crochet of fine cotton

his practical jacket
a glowing white shirt

and suddenly

the sun is warmer
and fiddlers are dancing on roofs

back inside the taxi

The trinity laughs in mutual agreement
and the ride continues, so very smooth.

Monday, March 10, 2008

head in the clouds

cloud silver studded, originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.

oh dear i forgot to mention my dear friend who is visiting from berlin
had a concert....

it is here i remove head from clouds and mention he is performing tonight a co-production of the goethe institute here in toronto and the new music series please check out either of their fine websites for detail

find out just who the german avant-garde composer dieter schnebel have been wondering have you not?!

also i have a class on saturday morning (maybe, veilleicht?)for creative card making at nathalie-roze and company please see her link at bottom of bloggy page, the last few classes have not happened due to too few students who wish to take them....crash there goes the ego...oh well.

love and best wishes your friend,

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

T'ai Chi

T'ai Chi , originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


recently (march 1st) i turned forty two.
here is my ambling post, much like drifting clouds that is an ode to that
moominmama's memoirs, a little barbamama music

forty two is the age that my mother had me
this old!
this young!

42 as readers of a " hitch hikers guide to the galaxy" know is the meaning to life the universe and everything...i couldn't agree more, in the middle ages i would of been dead, well past most things with no teeth even

i am quite spry, although i have this small pulled muscel since after the big snow, from trudging and shov'ling and it makes for sitting lotus position quite painful

the sad thing for me about getting older is not growing physically in height, i stopped at 14, about 5' feet, surely if i squeeze i can make it to say 5' 4"...but really my hobbit nature and appearance (minus hairy feet) i am growing into

on my birthday i had to stare down a pit bull. i became a tree as my small dog owen hid between my legs, i stared into the dogs eyes and said "no". I must of been about 8 feet at that moment, after wards I wanted to puke , but i concured a fear at that moment, saying in my head at the sad possiblities of what could of been " no this isn't going to happen" growth i felt it.

for this birthday i embraced hobbit and greek tradition and gave out presents, did get an amazing poem bookmark from wonderful Bea that reads " love is silly and warm and funny and good and love is evrything "

the next day i recieved a lovely necklace of turquoise of my own choosing

one wonderful thing about 42 is being old enough to say about good old friends " i have known him for 20 years or more"
this i can say about a good friend who will be visiting from Berlin, he shares a very close birthday and the same birth year..

42 more reasons i am liking this spoke in the wheel
1. i am still alive
2. cloud watching
3. tea
4. learning t'ai chi
5. further investigations of buddhism
6. new friends
7. old friends
8. family
9. being a mum ( Bea who is at the top of this list)
10. being a wife ( Jay who is at the top of this list holding Bea's hand)
11. having a dog
12. and a lovely cat
13. less shoes that i like more
14. less clothing that is more comfortable
15. colour!
16. sewing by hand
17. sewing by machine
18. love (which really is number one!)
19. food
20. cooking
21. cleaning with out chemicals
22. walking
23. silence
24. space
25. listening
26. reading
27. music
28. the internet and blog land
29. an audience for babbling
30. wondering who is out there
31. knowing very little
32. being happy
33. being okay with the wide spectrum of feelings
34. kindness
35. health
36. certain wonderful movies
37. less television
38. less shopping
39. me-ness
40. light
41. numbers
42. possiblity

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