Wednesday, May 25, 2011

out and about

yesterday i meet a friend
and her baby who is almost one

he is such a big and delightful chappy
i hope to be friends with him for many years

we went to the gardiner museum for ceramics
and saw betty woodman's show, which made me remember

art is awesome
and in betty's case gorgeous and colourful and simply wonderful
the show goes to june 5th hurry hurry hurry

this weekend is the annual yard sale at the textile museum
good finds for cheap, and a bunch of other textile obsessed shoppers
plus a fund raiser for this toronto treasure house

walking the owen
and blooms
and green
and grass
and rain
and sun

and sidewalks

and today
a big machine
eatting an old school
that will be someother something

and as the crane tore into the flesh of bricks
i saw i did the ghosts of old students pore out
and it made me sad and the waste of this
what looked like a perfectly good building
and i recalled images of poor shacks called schools
in distant lands and could of weept right there

and felt all punk rock
and wanted to put my bother boots on
and kick it

but instead i saw the next blooms
of some tree
so pretty

and thought
circle dance is better than some progress

one step forward one back

out and about

that's me

over and out


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bears and Dogs that Like to be Read to and Bunnies with Book Bags

Thanks so much to those that came and organized and participated and volunteered in this years Wayzgoose, and to my good friend James who drove us.

It was lots of fun once again.

Looking forward to next years event.

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