Sunday, April 25, 2010

many many thanks

Thank you to all that came to say hello and visited me and my wares yesterday at Wayzgoose.

The day was bright sunny and very very hand made bookish which was indeed grand!

A special thank you to Tamara who loaned me her awesome poetry dispensing machine ,the famed Verse-o-Matic. Thank you to my pal Krissy who helped me get it home. I was delighted to fill the Verse-o-Matic with Kim's Suitcase products especially tiny little books with Japanese paper covers. The use of the vending machine was particularly exciting as when I was a wee girl I happened to take a spin on such a machine and obtained of all things a teeny weeny bible. Barbie loved to read it especially before going on a date with Ken...but i degres. At yesterdays book fair a very small girl who had never had the opportunity to turn the crank on such a machine chanced to receive a book made by me! I think we both shared the same degree of delight. Again thank you to James, my dear book selling friend and to his car that got us to the show. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers at the show for again making wayzgoose a lovely time. Many many thanks to all!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

it is wayzgoose time dear friends

dear friends
it is that time

coming up to the last saturday in april
to be precise saturday april 24th, 2010

9am-5pm in the little lovely town of grimsby

a very fine and well crafted book arts fair

i shall be there
and i invite you dear friend and reader
to come by
and to say hello

i do hope you can attend!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

and then it rained

we meet for fish and chips

and you told me you are taking a trip
to chicago

i don't go anywhere

other than in concentric cirlcles
and the deepths of my soul

which isn't exactly no where
but it isn't on any map

that has yet to be published

today i walked around with the dog
and the friend and her dog

and we got caught in rain

and all the grave markers winked
and said 'isn't it good to get wet,
it can be so dry under the earth...'

or maybe that was just the voice of
the ghost coyote that used to live in
the cememtary where we walk

fish and chips was good
greasy and a little too small
but good

and the pathway there
and the people crossing
and walking across the bridge

with plans for building
building plans for your house
and plans for social justice
in small button hole ways

at the end of our meeting
'be continued' flashed on the screen

i took the street car home
to my freshly tidied house
and j and b where hiding together
behind electronic screens
as the day faded
and night closed in
and the blinds made it official

down pour
down pour

today a tea is brewing
a mystical tea from germany
goods travel to me as i stay at home
honing my centre

and watching the sweetest rain drops you ever did see

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

the truth about the weather

today is grey

and all the other colours sing quietly

i love this cool weather

soft coloured and peaceful

yesterday was bright and sunny
and everybody and their cousin
was out enjoying the day

my quiet streets
a little more cluttered

the conversation with the cracks in the pavement
and the greens of the leaves
harder to hear

i wore sun glasses
and followed my sandled feet
through the streets

bright weather heat
feels too glossy to me
like overmade up make up on an already beautiful face

it's hard to explain
as others rejoice in the good fortune of sun

that i really do feel best in the rain...

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