Wednesday, April 07, 2010

and then it rained

we meet for fish and chips

and you told me you are taking a trip
to chicago

i don't go anywhere

other than in concentric cirlcles
and the deepths of my soul

which isn't exactly no where
but it isn't on any map

that has yet to be published

today i walked around with the dog
and the friend and her dog

and we got caught in rain

and all the grave markers winked
and said 'isn't it good to get wet,
it can be so dry under the earth...'

or maybe that was just the voice of
the ghost coyote that used to live in
the cememtary where we walk

fish and chips was good
greasy and a little too small
but good

and the pathway there
and the people crossing
and walking across the bridge

with plans for building
building plans for your house
and plans for social justice
in small button hole ways

at the end of our meeting
'be continued' flashed on the screen

i took the street car home
to my freshly tidied house
and j and b where hiding together
behind electronic screens
as the day faded
and night closed in
and the blinds made it official

down pour
down pour

today a tea is brewing
a mystical tea from germany
goods travel to me as i stay at home
honing my centre

and watching the sweetest rain drops you ever did see


kenech said...

nice blog.poems are juicy.follow mine at's cool.

m said...

This reminded me of the snow falling, on all the living, and the dead.


honestly fresh !.. just like rain drops:)

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