Monday, July 26, 2010

punk rock pork and rice

in he walked

about 30 with flying flag regalia of beer ,bands , tats and skulls

with the prettiest pink mohawk ever

'pork and rice'

he ordered,
delivering me a required scowl and snear

the owner past middle age, asian, slightly plump and relaxed hollered from the table

'hey i like your hair'

'thanks man'
he answered

the owner enquired further
about the hairdo.

'how long it take you to do your hair,
about 2 hours?'

the pink mohawk wearer replyed

'about 15 years'

i waited enjoying the chinese opera, and the old woman that was complaining
and the awesome clashing of floral patterns and the wobegon way the staff did what they must

i got a huge bag of food to take out
the sun glared and i wore sunglasses

and remembered what one of my art teachers used to answer
when someone asked how long it took him to do a certain piece of art

'all my life'

perhaps another answer is

'about 15 years'

the food was a little greasy,
but i knew it would be
but it was delicious

and along with delivering it home
it came with a story at the dinner table
about a very pretty pink mohawk

it's 11am now
do you know where your punk rocker is?

in bed i think shades drawn
in twisted sheets
and full belly.

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