Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Mum

Today my mother is 90. An auspicious day to be born and to turn ninety. The end of the world (as we know it), and solstice the shortest day of the year. She is tiny, under four foot ten now but she is also mighty. Happy Birthday to my dear mum!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Return of the...

Hi I'm back, did you miss me? I've missed you. I have been gone a long time. Several reasons why. The first but least pertinent is my breakdown of technology computer wise around me. My lovely Mac computer Esmerelda is old and old is not so good for computers I understand. I am using my husbands wee net book. I still don't have a way to post pictures but I aim to get there. The second very big life changing reason is School. I am in a program called Fashion Techniques and Design, mostly it is techniques. I am learning chiefly how to sew, how to pattern draft, other yummy things I am learning include stuff about textiles. It is the love of textiles that brought me to fashion school. When the knitting store I was working in closed down, and my daughter entered Junior High I decided that going back to school to learn a set skill set would be a good idea. My art if you recall had in the past years focused on reclaiming textiles and using a sewing machine. Chiefly I was making sewn and illustrated cards, dolls, pillows, bags and jewelry. My intention after I finish school which happens mostly in April ( I will still need a few courses as I lightened my load this year a tad) is to find employment. In exactly what I am not certain. I have always loved loved loved loved did I say loved the movies and film, and at one point in my first school experience wanted to go into that field. I like the whole experience of it. One dream possibility would to work in a wardrobe department somewhere, somehow or to be the care taker and keeper custodian librarian of clothing. I am not sure how far fetched a dream this is. I do live in a city where films and television production and theatre happens so that is a plus. I wouldn't mind making and selling things either(or as well) like in the past I love craft and the craft community and well just anything handmade. I know I like to work with my hands. It is good being at this place , as I do know who I am and what and what would not make me happy and productive. Life is good. I really do enjoy school, although frequently want to quit. It is challenging. Mostly the pace in which things are required to be done. Fast. The work load is heavy as well. It However school is a brief span of time in the scope of things. without the balance that I thrive best with. So much work and so little time to do With that said I have learnt a ton. A ton I tell you! I recently figured out how to make a pattern for a dress that was fully lined with 26 pattern pieces, and then figured out how to sew it. This is something amazing considering before this I was sewing square things mostly! People are a lot differently shaped than squares, especially women people. It is only when I step back that I see where I am from where I have come and with that feel very good. It is nice to have this winter break from school and to feel the need to reach out and write words and come back to the surface of my life to see what is what. Thanks for reading.

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