Wednesday, March 19, 2008

monkey madness and other news

thank you to the participants in last saturday's workshop.
you inspired me.

just to note this saturday sandwiched between eggs and easter and good friday another workshop may happen, at nathalie-roze and company, this one on saturday 10-1pm, the theme, making sock should be as much fun as a barrel of them.

tibet lurks at the foremost
i am so sad at the violence and unrest in this part of the world,
as it happened before i heard the news i keept getting images in my mind of the wooly ox like creature, that i associate with tibet, my friend christian's music keept evoking this for me, lingerings and drawings of prayer flags and holy travelllers, resonating, deeply moving...

today rain, and dogs and snow heaps melting

rain i love, and the glow of the colours phospheresent dreamyness and cool rain, so quiet on the eyes

peace inner and outter i wish for myself and for you


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