Monday, March 10, 2008

head in the clouds

cloud silver studded, originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.

oh dear i forgot to mention my dear friend who is visiting from berlin
had a concert....

it is here i remove head from clouds and mention he is performing tonight a co-production of the goethe institute here in toronto and the new music series please check out either of their fine websites for detail

find out just who the german avant-garde composer dieter schnebel have been wondering have you not?!

also i have a class on saturday morning (maybe, veilleicht?)for creative card making at nathalie-roze and company please see her link at bottom of bloggy page, the last few classes have not happened due to too few students who wish to take them....crash there goes the ego...oh well.

love and best wishes your friend,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim!

I love that little piece of magic...head in the clouds! Let me know when you have some time for congee! xoxo michelle y.

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