Tuesday, March 25, 2008

have a fungi birthday

card fungi birthday, originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.

and if it isn't your birthday have a fungi day any way!

new card design now available in my etsy shop and also soon to be available at the fantastic paper goods shop 'the paper place' in toronto's west end on queen right near trinity bellwoods park, also to note, while i was there last, i did notice that the print gocco is once again being carried by the paper place (a.k.a. the japanese paper place in it's last incarnation) very happy to have them carry this new design and some of my others too!

please excuse bad spelling, bad grammer and ramble, very tired
where is the sun? is it spring yet? are those snow flakes? what northern latitude did you say toronto was on?

talk soon,

please note too, that my dear blogger will not help with my spelling it just spews lots of odd letters when i ask it to...poor bloggy misses the warm sun and weather too!

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