Sunday, November 07, 2004

small press book fair

i like to open my suitcase in public, when i do nice things happen.
i am a rock person, according to native beliefs everything is alive, the rock people are the oldest living beings on earth, to hold a rock is to ground you, you are holding an ancient piece of the earth something that goes back a long long time.
at the small press book fair yesterday i had a bunch of rocks that i had harvested from the beach, i often have rocks in my pockets as touchstones, i believe they work in grounding me. I like to roll them in my hands something like a rosary i suppose or worry beads, i work the stone into my hand and i am so soothed, i thought the addition of words would add another element some of the rocks i sold had just images others images and words, i worked on one at the show that said "staY' it had the image of a chair and the moon, i will show it soon, what i found the image word thing did was to create another level of affirmation self talk, it was nice. please steal this idea, get rocks, draw, paint, something of relevance to you and then varnish, give them away or keep them or leave them to be refound with your additional words or images, see how it feels to roll a rock in your hand painted or plain.


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