Tuesday, November 23, 2004

book of weeds

book of weeds
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I am a collector of scraps, of bits and pieces, in that mad whirling dirvish way I have been creating books. I have made 3 others similar to this one. They are made from whats at hand, pulling here and pushing there, with little bits of drawing, fabric and oddments thrown into the mix. I will have them and other mad bits of delight (i hope) on sale at the annual Ontario College of Art and Design Book Arts Show. If you are in Toronto, I encourage you to come by. I have always found it to be a really inspirational and fun show. I have found many a delightful prezzies there, as things are for sale! It's on December 5th,at 100 McCaul Street, just behind the Art Gallery of Ontario, at Dundas and McCaul.

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