Sunday, January 22, 2006

spilled milk, assorted rot, and the benefits and ills of glossy magazines


in the store today
the ceiling had a gash

from a leak

and it was a nightmare
above the 'horror' books


sasha the bird didn't say much

i was cranky

sasha didn't like what i was having for lunch

my attention span isn't good enough to endure big books
but settles on gossip magazines
that tell me about super stars
and bad marriages
and i think now i know

tomorrow there is an election

on the radio a woman was asked the name of the leader of one of the parties
and passed on that question
but could tell you who angelina jolie was dating

i remember something noam chomsky said
about our involvment with things of little consequence
and the use of them to distract us from things that directly affect us
he said that if people knew as much about politics as sports and were as excited by it
we would be in a different world..

my attention is coming back
and i care
and will vote

glossy magazines are a trip
with out addiction
or weight gain
or rotting liver

but glossy
glossing over
distracting and away from

sometimes i need these baths
to relax
and play dumb.

but realzise
my real life happens
in the moments of cracker crumbs
in the bed
occasional athletes foot

glorious nothing
and something
and in all the shades of every colour
that we can see and can't

to the surface i swim
and hug the droplets to myself
and let the cool air dry them

because it is good to be

the cracks in the side walk
the flaws in myself


PJ said...

oh so REAL...this is why I keep coming back...

Kim's Suitcase said...

good to hear because after a certain poem about ernest borgnine i think i scared off at least half my readers...
what can ya do?

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