Friday, January 06, 2006

The nature of clutter and belly fat

yesterday I finally bought a digital camera, and the nice man in the shop was so helpful
and jazzed about taking photos, bless his photo taking soul
Bea helped asked questions and danced and even sang a tune

my belly has expanded to include the consumption of too many chocolates
what did I know as I popped tylenol and ate over the holidays semi ill and in a
haze of too muchness and love

here featured this photo, yes photo of my desk
a mess
things come together
things fall apart
things come together

tummies shrink back
messes clear
and then again the other


ste-pha-nie said...

Congratulations on the new camera! So much fun, so many possibilities.

Deb said...

A new digital camera! Awesome! My husband bought one for me last Christmas and I've had the best time this year taking pictures!

....I came across your blog via a google image search for ATCs --I'm an artist too --do you still do ATCs and do you want to trade?

If so - you may contact me at:

By the way --your blog is awesome and has inspired me to do something about mine! It's been highly neglected!

Happy New Year!
Your blog is now in my "favorites" list!

janey said...

Such a pretty photo and do tell, what brand of camara? And did you keep your old one?

Kim's Suitcase said...

The camera is a Canon Powershot A520..
The old Nikon SLR has yet to be sold, but soon...

tania said...

i lovehim-
yay what a great purchase! you will be so happy.
happy new year kim!

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