Tuesday, January 24, 2006

cats in a line

cats in a line
Originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.
for this weeks theme at illustration friday

please click on them to see them clearer at flickr, then click to all sizes and choose large...

What do you think they are lining up for?

Fish cakes?
Viola lessons?
Casting Call?

please check one or add your own in the comments,
really i would love to know!


Jessica (Kika) said...

Hey, I played the viola! They look like all female cats, so they're in line for a dance recital?

Anonymous said...

Great submission! They are lining for a sale from a CATalogue or about to go on a CATwalk :)

Rachelle said...

Knitwear of course! Cats + Yarn = Hours of fun! lol Love the illustration too. Very cute. :)

cristosova said...

They are definately lining up for a record signing by Georgio, the famous Cat Tenor!

Anonymous said...

well, if they're all girl kitties, they're probably lined up for the bathroom! never enough catboxes....

Ellen said...

I'm in...but I only play baroque recorder and the lute! Not orchestral but if you want to do a period piece count me in!!! LOL
GREAT piece, as usual! LOVE your stuff, Kim!

Marion said...


Fancy World said...

Wonderful idea and beautiful drawing! Great cats.

carla said...

I can't imagine why they're lining up, but they seem very well behaved:> What a cute idea!

flossy-p said...

A pony ride, they are clearly lining up for a pony ride. Cats love pony rides, (or is that poodles?). Either way is a charming illo.

chillies and chocolate said...

They are lining up to star in your blog. Fab.

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