Monday, January 09, 2006

Me and Rita

Rita is the name I give her. An old girl with spin in her engine and a foot peddle that heats up.

In addition to Rita, and Esmerelda(my Mac) there is a new kid in town, Ivanhoe a 50 pound box of fiber fill.

I am about to step into the abyss. Sign up and apply for a big ol' craft show. The kind of show where participants once done don shirts that say " I survived the...craft fair" Why am doing this you may ask. Well I thought I should get a job. It is something that attracts and repels. It is my Everest or Mount Fuji, without the height, I am scared of heights. Never the less it seems a daunting climb.
The application isn't in the mail yet, there may be no room left or my stuff might well be not what they are looking for. Then again, they might cheer, take my money and then I am in.

In either case I have taken the plunge. I have a production schedule and a lot of stuffing. A sometimes cantankerous sewing machine, and a room of my own. I used to share with Jay, but he moved out( just of the studio not my life or apartment) and is content on his second hand laptop. The hearth that is Esmerelda, (the Mac) is open to all after hours however.

So here I am with a room and some hours, not as many as I like to make with a purpose and a deadline. Today was the first production day after a lovely 2 week vacation. And how did I do?

Hmmh how did I do? Well I made the number of things that I planned to make as well as picking up library books and perusing my new favorite thrift store. I got a lovely new hand knit toque in my favorite green, a book on small quilts, an apron to reuse for fabric, a craft magazine from 1981 and a nice walk in the middle of the afternoon.

I feed my family a delicious frozen entre that I took out of the oven. My bathroom is filthy, the cat box needs changing. I have a stack of dishes. A dead Christmas tree still in the living room, assorted debris scattered all throughout the house and the beds remained unmade.

I did finish 10 lavender sachets thought...

I drank hot chocolate, read more of East of Eden, watched coronation Street and had a bath

oh and blogged.

How did I do?

Wish me luck, it could get lonely on this mountain!
(no need to call the Health Department the hovel will be swilled and ready for livability soon..I hope)

Ivanhoe (the big box of fiber fill) is a tiny bit smaller and the lavender smell is wonderful and has taken the edge off my nervous first step of production.

Now if I could only find the other Sponge Bob slipper...


princess sputnik said...

lovely sewing machine! mine has no name, and its not se same model, but shes good for hard use, which is good taking into account i tend to break stuff.

nice blog! feel free to check out mine if you want, its on usually written through my Mac, her name is AtĂșn (Tuna, in spanish)

any way, kudos!!

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