Tuesday, January 10, 2006

arm wrestling, sumo wrestling and the art of rock and roll

arm wrestle
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well jay and i had a chat.
he told me many had died trying to climb Mt. Everest.

i decieded with much deliberation to take my head out of the vice of time that i had put it in.
regarding the big mother craft show, that i was cramming for. i decieded with a little saddness that i would wait. having the goal propelled me into making a production schedule and sourcing material and really pondering if it could be done.

it can be but i think now is not the time. i want to live a balanced life, you know one with a clean cat box and time to smell the daisies.

it is funny how sometimes things shift so your project takes up your life and everything else gets crammed up in a little crumbled corner. i remember projects from art school being like this and it was fun, too much caffeine a sense of importance as you single mindedly plodded along blazing with your creative vision.

lets just say i stumbled and fell a few times with this method, like icarus i got burned.

i will do the big craft show, yes but allow time for it to be...for now i will keep my production schedule (with slight modifications to include laundry and bathing) and see what i can do with the "faux show"

ahh a sigh of relief as i not only choose to stay on the rails but choose not to disrail the whole family.

it's one thing swirving like a maniac when you are driving solo but another thing when you have another passenger car and a little cabose in tow.

and the occasional bag of chips!


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