Tuesday, November 08, 2005

pillow please thank you, with pocket

another pillow, okay lets talk about these pillows.
it is like so many things are going on that need to.
historically i had a couple of aunties, very creative weavers who sadly i never meet. i had a grandfather that was a vaudvilian tailor, among many things.

when i was 14 i bought the sewing machine i am using. i feared it for many years, didn't have the patience for it, was too flightly and unable to redo, undo, do...my first big purchase when i was 14, a beautiful singer from the 50's (probably); in a lovely beech wood table.

making is often evoking, letting go, letting happen, i think the best work comes from stepping aside and letting the wind blow through...

i am very excited by this coming together of stictches and images, decorations (my father was a cake decorator he made lovely roses)

when i sit down to work i know a little all the relatives i never knew....it feels wonderful


lisa s said...

kim, i often feel the same way when i am making... connected to people in the past... to other makers.... lovely sentiment - and great pillow!

laura r. said...

wonderful post!

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