Saturday, November 19, 2005

Coming down...Debriefing and reporting...This entry also called "just the facts mam"

Well it pleases me to report that the crafternoon tea of earlier this afternoon was really fun and totally inspiring and gives me hope. ahhh the smell and site of a room full of hand made gear. ahhhh, the textiles, the soaps, the drawings, the serging(serging is very cool, I had a full report on this remarkable process, never mind time travel, thank you Jennifer)

after being a shut in, for the week it was wonderful to see all the talent packed into a church basement, with monetary exchange to support our own endeavors(like eating), but also in aid of a couple of very good causes, and a "do it yourself, pop in workshop thing" happening.

it was nice to see Tania of blogland, and know those nice pics and words are from a very real individual...

there is a whole renaissance happening in the hands of crafty individuals everywhere, and as much as technology ties us together there is something so powerful about handmade, it makes me want to sing and dance and giggle
(perhaps this is partly due to the baked goods and tea) but seriously making stuff is good for our souls, it just is. I heard once the opposite of creativity is anger...hmmmh, more good reason for knitting in prison and the like.

it was lovely to interact with people, to see wonderful stuff by creative people., or rather people creating 'cause really we are all creative are we not?

plus I got to see aweinspiring babies in the likes of rainbow knitted bonnets and knitted cat eared hats

my hat goes off to the organizer Nathalie-roze, who amist this feat of organization was lovely and charming and personable as ever. (I on the other hand was kinda scattered and had concern over what the heck happened to my water bottle, i think perhaps i am not a type a or b personality but a c personality which i am not sure what the c stands for)

i would like to provide you links and the like, and i can say look in the archives for crafternoon tea, and you will find it and connect up to other links of the many artists involved...There that works

and lastly, in this late night caffeine trail of words I would like to say thank you to Mrs. Hadida , my grade 9 typing teacher who lets my fingers fly almost as fast as my silly wound up excited mind, even thought I had her convinced I was going to join the hare krishnas on my 18th birthday but that my dears is another tale for the riverbank...

good nite!

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tania Howells said...

hee hee!
wasn't it great!
it was so nice to chat with you.
and i loved that rainbow baby hat too!

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