Friday, November 18, 2005

Bea's Rainbow Girl

Bea's Rainbow Girl
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Well the household is ill...Sore throatish from the smallest Bea to the capital Jay, and mumma in between...We have all been in the house together doing stuff to not go crackers, eating crackers, drawing pictures, playing on the computer, board games, barbies, making stew, watching television, movies and doing drawings. Wonder Bea did this one with the stickers I bought when I popped out for the ingredients for my first "stew". My meat eaters enjoyed it, and I felt like a hero. I have been getting ready for tomorrows show in the Beaches. The Crafternoon Tea(see
Making up sets of Xmas cards featuring the relatives of Santa (known and not) including one of my favorite less know relations, the Rabbi Goldstein who is Santa's cousin, hadn't heard about him hunh...Well he's a nice guy. Painting more rocks, designing hang tags for my pillows, setting up my test display, which involves suitcases, contemplating how I will get there (we have never owned a car, which could have something to do with the size of work I produce). Oh and I have also been reading, I happened to find a really intriguing book, such characters and wonderful writing it is called "The Vinegar Jar" by Berlie Doherty, I know she is a British author but nothing else, I will google. I love when I take a stab in the dark with a book I have no knowledge of and unturn a gem. Oh yes I have seen a few good films on video, "Waterland" with Jeremy Irons...Wow and one I had seen a million years ago "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" which I have also seen in various locations for sale for a few bucks around town on video, well worth it, plus it has a happy ending, hell they both do, I am such a sap. Anyway thanks for helping me with my shut-in-ness. Nice chatting. You are such a good listener....Ahcoo

p.s. just googled Berlie Doherty she has had a very extensive writing career including childrens books as well as novels, short stoies and plays and she has a site which is easy to use, with lots of good information it is at


Emmie said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoy your drawings. I check your blog every morning and usually get a chuckle or a smile.

Thank you. And get well soon.

Cin said...

hope all are well by now! Bea's drawing is wonderful, oh those colors!

and needed a recommendation, going to check into the vinegar jar.

Shawn T Lippert said...

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