Wednesday, December 08, 2004

sweet grey cold and cloudy

I love sweet grey, it is one of my very favorite colours but I can understand when one grey day blends into another it can make people feel grim. Personally my favorite weather is rainy weather, one of the reasons is because the colours of things really glow, cabs, newspaper boxes, anything shiny and wet, leaves. Dressing the part is important for weather survival, I wore shoes for a long time in the snow, then one year I got boots, and I could play and really enjoy the weather. Yes I look the total geek, and it makes me laugh all the way over the windy hill, wearing my thermal underwear and two hat, I am a happy warm geek, so very much enjoying the crazy weather that is thrown at me. If I have learnt anything, it is to not take myself too seriously and to dress for the weather.


Anonymous said...

i spent years ignoring the fact that i live in a climate that has snow ... caused much crabbiness in the winter time. and now i wear warm clothes, gloves and hats, and i am ready for it all!

and i love the rainy days, too. it gives me an excuse to sit and read all day ... something i do more often than not, but when it's all grey i feel i have a reason.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Pea Here....
Rainy days are one of my favorite things, in moderation. The grey days here are out numbering the sunshine day dreams, and I find I am becoming quite depressed.

But the rainy days that come out of no where, make me want to curl up, cuddle with my kitties, read books drink coffee and make home made soup. yummy! Or better yet watch silly sappy chick flicks.


Anonymous said...

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