Thursday, December 30, 2004

gathering magic

gathering magic
Originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.
This weeks illustrative challenge was the theme"magic". My first thought were of herbs and their medicinal/magical properties. The hidden power within these inoculous looking plants.


Anonymous said...

So cute as always!

stosova said...

in the short time of it´s existance i´ve become avidly clutched to your blog (see me hanging in here?) - must be the deliciousness of it.

just wanted to express all my best wishes to you for 2005, happy new year!

Anonymous said...

i like this. great idea!


Anonymous said...

Fab idea, herbs do have wonderful magical properties to them. Love the mixed media look you did for this illo.
Have a happy New Year, Kim


Cin said...

you do such beautiful, delicate linework, an enchanting idea and drawing.

Anonymous said...

Your linework is superb. I love the meaning and the little heart coming from the pot is beautiful.


Emily said...

How very wonderful. I love the lines and the spaces. The detail adds to the richness of your sweet painting!

Anonymous said...

love this whole idea of illustration friday. my friend recently hooked me up with a link to the site, and i think i'm going to give it a whirl ...


Satu said...

Great idea for the theme. I love herbs, my mother taught me how good herbs are to treat cold.
Cute illo!

chillies and chocolate said...

Lovely as usual!

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Diana said...

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