Thursday, December 23, 2004


oh chocolate

chocolate thinking starts small
the memory of a sweetness
the flavour enjoyed


i am thinking about chocolate
nothing but deep rich chunks
dark,light, or white

oh i think edit this thought
don't go there
write, draw, doodle

but oh don't think of chocolate

even the name is seductive
such a full mouthed flavored name

like a huge pink chocolate elephant
it fills the room,
don't look, pretend it isn't there

it leaves me not only thinking but consumed

awash in sweet bittersweet dark chocolate feelings

throw me a life buoy, a butterscotch life saver,
let one small piece melt in the mouth
boil water, this is serious
get the marshmallows
dive in
break into
leap onto
run don't walk
rattle down the road
with little bits of change
damn it
buy a bar.

or maybe two.


Cin said...

OMG Kim, I am now crazy mad to finish this comment, get out of this room, and find me some !!!

chillies and chocolate said...

Yum! I am a chocoholic. It seems, though, that it is good for you as it lowers the blood pressure. So eat and be guilt-free.

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