Wednesday, April 09, 2008


this is the day that used to be my father's day off
sometimes i would accompany my mother and him on a little day trip adventure
to a small town, up and down and an ice cream cone

my sister michele , the painter
one day helped me with my young bee
and had painting with- draw- al
we went to the goodwill
in the west
little italy
and bought for $10 a small coffee table
which she got her fix from
and painted
with a remnant of an ancient dishtowel
she collaged the word wednesday

today is this day
and the sky is letting loose
and my words have seem to have evaporated
like the snow
but now rain down onto this electronic tablet

i navigate the day
winding in and out of memory
and actuallity

stumbling into potholes of newly uncovered earth
and misspelled words that surface
bubble to the top

wednesday will meet me in the basement
and in this underground lair
i will work,
putting together a small card order
and sewing many lavender scented books of love

today is wednesday
and it is raining down


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Miss Frugality said...

I enjoyed reading your poem,while the rain was falling down.Thanks for making it possible!

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