Tuesday, April 22, 2008

a small disjointed story about buying shoes

monday i meet my mother for a coffee

i had tea

then we went to look for shoes
for me

something summery
and servicable for the dog park

i try on two pairs, that i might of worn
at the age of 14, somehow i am still this age
sometimes with my mother

14 same height
different weight
similar responsibility
slightly more mature
but differing to mother's opinion

the first pair, a bargain for converse high tops
a peculiar pair, grey and pink but somehow

the second pair, very practical sandles
hot pink with extremely comfortable insides

i think that i am always trying to capture that
first extraordinary shoe purchasing experience

it must of been the year of 1973
the shoes were very plain
brown lace ups with a crepe sole

i remember putting them on and
upon my mother and the sales person asking

'how do they feel?'

i responded by saying
in a lilting floating speech
"i feel as if i am walking on a cloud"

was it true that such spectacular shoe
design could afford this comfort, this
utter delight, this cradling, supporting
floaty feeling


and so i buy the pink shoes,
wearing them to find that they rub
here and there, and make my feet a little sweaty...

first shoe love
extraordinary as this 1973 crepe souled variety

perhaps only once

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krissy said...

oh, i was so hoping this story would have a happier ending...that you would have that same feeling again from your new pair of shoes. i hope you'll still be able to wear them even if they're a little uncomfortable.

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