Thursday, April 17, 2008

owen my dog, and me his person

this afternoon,
around two

owen lays low
columbus is coming down the street
a fluffy little bicion pup
who's hair is stand upy on his head

us attached to leash on the other end

we talk puppies and dog training

the important thing to remember is hierarchy
oh yes

i suppose the owner should be the dominant one


never let them on the sofa
and never the beds until the hierarchy is well established

owen sleeps on top of me on the sofa
his breathe lulls me to sleep on nights where i can not find my own relaxed rhythm
snoozing on my head my breathe and his breathe deep
i fall asleep
thank full

which brings me back to hierarchy
he listens to me
and returns to me usually
because he likes me
and i like him

i broke the cardinal rule
of never feeding your dog tidbits
when you eat,

from my bowl of portidge this morning
owen got to eat little bits of peach
oatbran too

usually when owen cries for me i listen
telling him it is okay i will be there in a minute

usually when i tell owen to drop it, to come, to sit
he listens

i know the dog training people wouldn't approve
of our relationship

but owen and i
are very happy with it
and each other


krissy said...

i think you're a very good doggy mommy! i'm pretty sure we are much the same with our poochies. noah usually shares bits of my crust at wouldn't be the same if i stopped doing that. people who are so uptight about training their dogs to be proper kind of stress me out a bit.

Michelle Y said...

Hi Kim!

Great pic of Owen! So good to see you that Saturday, over dim sum. thanks for sharing your fave spot and adorable puppy pics!

:) michelle

krissy said...

the first time i read this was on my bloglines reader and i didn't see owen's picture! so i had to say how much i love this little photo of owen. give him a little hug for me.

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