Tuesday, December 18, 2007

word bundle island

word bundle island, originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.

hello i am back from my island excursion into crafty biggy ness...

and now it is time to sing this little anouncement

the is any body out there contest:

be bold
say hello
perhaps there are no trees in this forest,
perhaps there are!d

tell me your favorite word,
do you have a favorite word?

and i will send you a small small parcel

something i call a 'word bundle'
it has 20 small drawings and words
the little pictures are wrapped in cloth
tied with string

the first three responses to this post will
recieve a bundle of words in the mail

and then as well three more choosen
at random from all the replies...?!
i will send out a bundle of words to!

thank you so much for your participation.
some times i wonder if i am all alone out here
on this pleasant little island.

best wishes,


theresa snowbear said...

From my island to yours.
My favorite word is: "pancake"
I like the way it sounds and tastes.
When I was younger, I hated this word--I've matured.
Happy Holidays!

Nicole Raisin Stern said...

Hi Kim,
Luminous. I like the word luminous (my second favorite is xocolatl, the nahuatl word that gave us chocolate). Thank you for putting your luminous art out into the world:)

compasspoints said...

grace is my favorite word. espy is also a good one. so difficult to choose! :)

bushell1020459 said...

hi kim

here in the uk i love the word


it makes me feel 'dreamy'


Megan said...

Hmmm...my favorite word is home. Not necessarily a place, but more of a feeling. Does that make any sense at all? If not, I also like argyle... ;)

JCL said...


It's a word with cachet.

SeaBird said...

I love the Spanish word for blue: azul!

Kim's Suitcase said...

thanks so much for your entries.
what smashing good words!

please remember to leave your email address so that i might contact you for your mailing address or leave your address with my email

i will make a draw for the three more word bundles after a few more favorite word entrants.

thank you!

mimi k said...

I want to chime in to say hello and Happy New Year and let you know some more of us are out here reading :-) I don't have a favorite word- playing favorites would make me feel sad for the rest... too strange I know!

hippyxic said...

welll, very difficult to choose but i love the words PINK and SMILE, too things that i love to introduce in my life everyday**** HAppy 2008 from Portugal :)xo, lu

hippyxic said...

well, i want to say TWO , not too.... OH my english...

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