Friday, December 28, 2007

strawberry pencase


the weather is grey
and melty

we are all home
having unwrapped
and eatten
and unbuttoned

we all are ailing souls
except for bea who is mended

jay cracked his ribs because owen jumped him
and i have sore shoulders from carrying bags of grocery

lots of thoughts have been swishing around my skull
i think i have a poetry book
but i won't say more incase i don't

i have been enjoying the random ness of these days
the waiting room time of year
the aeroport lounge feeling
especially being a little under the weather
the big ness of the holidays passed

and the limbs of the trees even more bold
the cosiness of slippered feet
and dogs on afgans

the sad feeling of bags of recycled wrapping
and the trees with their experation date

time after then before the new year
flat land
waiting, regrouping, resolving

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