Tuesday, December 04, 2007

fellow travellers sunshine

fellow travellers sunshine, originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.

thank you all to those that visited me at the One of a Kind Show these past days. Boy was it exciting and exhausting. Truly a Mount Everest. Special Special thank yous to all those wonderful friends and family that helped me with the show. You dear friends are wonderful and amazing. Thanks too to all those that purchased gear from my wee suitcase empire. I hope you do enjoy!!

I will be back with more words and pictures. New inventions and recreations of the wheel.

Thank You All.


Lisa PN said...

it was great to see you at the ooak show! let me know when you have a leap ornament..i will get it from you then!

take care and be well!

p.s. i love the calendar that you illustrated..i bought it for my husband at the book arts fair this past sunday, and was tickled by it! thanks!

Lisa PN said...

it was great to see you yesterday.

i have some stamps for you,
can you email me your mailing address?

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