Sunday, December 30, 2007


last night was a good one
i went to return the video
at the delinquint plaza
the one sandwiched by two bars
the london fog and the crusty sailor

in between is the corner store
where i hooked up owen to the sun box
and the smoking video man told me he would watch him
and i told the corner store guy he was a baby and didn't like to be left

the corner store guy eventually peered out at owen
who was surrounded in his petre dish by smoking asian men
and guys half cocked from the fog

because i am so pure
i bought miss vicky's
salt and vinegar

no preservatives or trans fats
isn't that nobel
i almost deserve a prize
this was after ranting about no junk food in the house
about johnny rotten and crisp chips
about being good not bad

i shared them

and they were delicious

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