Tuesday, July 10, 2007

news from the garden and kundalini

last night i tried a yoga class at the community centre
it was kundalini
no sauce
lots of breathe work
done in the dark
and good time stretch

news from the garden
the neighbour next door has a shield
of today's local paper
i am not sure what is 'new' for her
my news from the garden,
is the new rose appears to have bloomed
a gorgeous bloom with a lovely soft quiet scent
it is the colour of technicolour coral,
1967 kodacrome
it's leaves have been ravished, but it is in bloom

an ant, red climbs a tree
the pine at the back has curious weeping knot holes
sap smelling with an odd white mold around them
i wonder if it is suffering an illness, with all the
skinned knee knot holes

the grass is damp
the daisies flowers are in decline,
the hostas will flower soon!
who knew..

and the bees are active with a purple flower
who i haven't had the pleasure of knowing by name

so much news in the garden today
kundalini residue
and the third eye
the kink in the back and the mind

i wonder what the neighbour reads,
but sort of know and am not too interested
in that kind of news for now,
perhaps on the weekend
or maybe next week
so much news to obtain,
but i think i prefer the news from the garden.

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