Monday, July 16, 2007

dreams affect or is it effect breakfast choices for all

jeff kinear
the indentical twin brother of the famous actor greg kinear
was not in love with me.

unrequited love even in a dream sucks.

jeff shrunk himself, which made me angry.

a woman who insisted she was not homeless,
as she sleept in the library was homophobic,
and anoying and was trying to get me to move a sofa
into the library for her...

upon waking after such awful nightmarish anoyance
i ate all dressed potatoe chips for breakfast,
and summoned the charactor mud ball who has been renamed
mud flap to the surface, she is the charactor side of myself
from the deep south, lives in a trailor park can fix vehicles
and takes such health risks as eating potato chips for breakfast

bea my daughter asked if she could have potato chips for breakfast
i, no longer mud ball or mud flap induced firmly told her no
she was not old enough, to behave so poorly and ingage in such fool
hardey and foolish habits...i also told her it was illegal in the state of oregon
and that the children's aid society would fine me...and then i lovingly gave her
a bowl of life cereal.

dreams affect breakfast choices for all

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Anonymous said...

Kim, this is a poem!


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