Monday, July 30, 2007

Auntie Minerva's Red Cake

my friend minerva is making cake
from scratch
and it must be red
red is lucky
for the unborn baby
norman's first

auntie minerva
will really be auntie minerva

i have called minerva auntie for years
because she is warm and kind and prepared
and very passionate in a way that is precise
scientific and tasty

take the red cake
experiment number 5
made with essense of rose water

beets and cranberry

and if this isn't lucky
to have an auntie
a friend that cares so much
to really make a cake
and test it until it is true
and stir in the batter
secret wishes and desires
for new life
with hope
and frosting
and spice

minerva knows how to love
and how to make cake

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