Monday, July 09, 2007


around the neck
and in the chest
a certain compression

heavy cream soup air
and too many details

sweept away not
instead a lump
of hot coal
on a groggy day
thinking trees
and breeze
and air

and not worrying about
heavyness and thick soup air
and the letting go
with the snags in the stockings
and the ache in the bones

some days
are like this
some days
are not

dreams that pass and are forgotten
too odd and claustrophobic
too jumbled and un understandable
for now

air water earth fire
north east south west

the computer
the telephone
touch taste smell

becoming unburied as i sort
words on a page
as i organize myself anew
as new old routines need to be
rerouted once again
counting blessings
closing eyes
allowing oneself to just be
tirered out

to just be

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