Monday, October 01, 2007

thank you, workshop news, blue gloves

thank you to all those that visited during the word on the street festival it was a wonderful wirlwind day, with lots of people and plenty of sunshine. as i closed up my case for the day, i scrambled to buy hungs 1 2 3 by shannon gerrard, number 3 has me still in it's power, she does very beautiful work

workshop news:
i will be teaching a couple of creative card making workshops at
we sew on paper, use interesting ephemera and nathalie-roze provides delicious tea and scones, needless to say i enjoy these workshops very much, sharing skills, incouraging creative acts and ingesting tea and scone.
the dates of the workshops are saturday october 6th, this saturday and saturday october 27th, please sign up at nathalie roze's website.

blue gloves
today while walking owen
a woman bounded down the sidewalk
and owen a little stunned balked
as she went to say hello
"do you love me"
she asked
i thought maybe it was her blue gloves,
"ah yes nylon"
as owen resummed his love
"we a so smart"
she said
i giggled
yep we a so smart!

well chores to do errands to run or perhaps walk
a place to sit, calm to enter, and resuming making
stuff for the biggy one of a kind this november
shoulder tightens at that prospect, excited and
a little mount kilamanjaro

so for today
thank you,
workshop news
blue gloves



eb said...

love this little piece - what is the medium - ? - mixed - collage and paint -?-

xox - eb

Kim's Suitcase said...

thank you,
yes it is, mixed
paint, found wooden board, fabric, printed paper.

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