Tuesday, October 23, 2007

downstairs now

purse puppy love detail, originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.

today it is rainy
canadian geese flew by the window and honked
owen barked

in the puddle at the school big white sea gulls played stand on one foot

i see snips of the outside here
writing this
a patch of green
sounds of cars streaming by
a brick wall
windows of the neighbour next door

i see patches of light and dark
in the living room
shadows of sofa
and pillow
sounds of owen
licking his lips

tea sits waiting
in its basket
the earl of grey himself
with milk

how rich life seems
on this day

i woke very early today
and had a good chance to meet the day
walking in pouring rain with my dear dog
in the dark
illumintation from street lamps
scattered maple leaves on cement
frankenstein ready for halloween

syllabic chants in my mind
the rhythm of rain
not just the light but the soft sound
of everything moving

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