Tuesday, October 09, 2007

behind the tree

i am sitting on a log
looking to the tree in front of me
two small boys peek out, as if getting out the front door of the tree home
and then noticing an audience of one, peek back in

out runs one,
sits on the other log
and says
'would you like to sit with me'
i move logs introduce myself
kale is he.
he tells me the other boy is a good and nice boy named kai
the boy with blue shoes
kale came at me growling and i told him i was a little scared,
he said no i am kale

kale says i am not his boy
which i tell him i know
and i tell him that it looked as if he disappeared into the tree,
as if it where a house
big tree, smallboys
kai comes over with little to say as kale introduces him
becones him to come over and 'meet this girl' that's me.

so much behind a tree
when ask where my ideas come from
from behind a tree is as good an answer as any
from lint in pockets and magical raindrops
and complicated medical equipment
and mostly just letting them come
being quiet enough to hear
which sometimes because they are so soft and gentle
takes alot of silence

i wonder if kai and kale are in there tree house or
have gone to nursery school, or maybe growling
practicing intense scare tactics that drop away at a moments concern

it was so very nice meeting these little boys from behind the tree.

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