Wednesday, September 05, 2007

today's story

pillow tree walker detail, originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.

a tall thin man and his dog run beeline across the park
thoughts enter like this
some kinda maniac
cute dog, funny hair cut- i like him

later that same morning after the man with purpose disappears
he and his hound reappear along a path, by the train tracks

the man says to me " i just said hello to my wife on the train"
i say " oh that is so nice"
he says " it was at 70mph, i will phone her now and see if she saw me"

down the path i one way he the other
i hear him tell another
"i just said hellow to my wife on the train"

concrete stairs draw both owen and i down
and in a little grassy nook with home style benches and flowering shrubs, i am drawn further by a little plaque that says
"to wally and enid" something or rather
for spearheading the ashdale parkette

we walk home
a lady with heavy grocery
a house with an add on house behind it

a lady with a dog another without her dog
that wishes to tell me all about her

all this delivering forgotten eggs
in soft light
rain drips, too small to be called drops
and upstairs
to tip tap these words
for today's story...

i hope you have enjoyed it.


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krissy said...

i totally enjoyed it! my favourite part is the man who waved hello to his wife on the train! i'm going to imagine he does that every single day when he knows her GO will speed by.... just because that thought makes me happy.

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