Monday, September 03, 2007

doctor strange lump

it's on my leg
a dog at 40mph
a lulu
ran into my shin
and after i lifted my pant leg
i thought of harry potter and his quidditch accidents

holiday monday
napping at odd times
eatting odd food
wanting to
but not

somethimes the sparks don't
and i am plugged
so rarely that i forget this feeling
sometimes it comes after odd odd dreaming
after eating too close to bed time

in my dreams
things are not what they seem
a hidden history
and cultish sacrifice and the strangest strange feeling
i wake more tirered having explored this basement
one i didn't know i had
feelings of distrust and shifting sands

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krissy said...

aw, are you feeling a bit out of sorts today? could it be realizing that the summer is coming to an end and "little b" and "big j" have to go back to school tomorrow? i hope you feel better as the day goes on. i'll call you tomorrow and see if you're still up for tea. probably give you a ring around 12:30-ish.

i was going to wait until tomorrow to tell you but maybe it'll perk you up a bit & spark those sparks that need sparking... ;)

i was browsing through the latest toronto life "shopping" issue yesterday in line at loblaws and your adorable pillows were mentioned in the write-up for nathalie-roze! did you know about it? i was so excited i think i sorta shouted it to paul! hee hee

xo -k

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