Wednesday, September 12, 2007

dogs i know

owen my little scruffy mix

spot my childhood dog

lulu one of owen's best chums, a golden doodle that is black and looks like a plush when her hair is cut short
morgan another of owens good wrestling mates a white lab
aimee a spunky little terrier
guiness a dignified bigger terrier
rudy a somewhat ruder but very cute terrier
bo short for boreal (cause he was found in that kind of forest) a black smart fellow, long leggedy beasty
abner a short weener dog with long hair think lil'l abner
celia a gorgeous bull mastive
baily a bernese doodle just a wee four month pup
rumble a shaggy dog with very human eyes
budgie another of owen's good chums a tiny little teeny white fluff ball of a dog
masie a mini schanauzer that is a little bit of a nervous girl
kali a beautiful affectionate chocolate brown lab
kamil lives with kali and is a lovely yellow lab boy
joey a rescue with a squirrely tail and a heart of gold
toby a big black dog with a bark like barry white a gentle giant
koochee an older girl big warm brown with excellent wisdom and vibe
milou lives with koochee as does hamish see next a furry little plump bundle of joy
hamish an older gentle man of scottish decent
wendle a furry golden colured young lad
kane a blood hound from the south
lucky a wheaten terrier with very kind eyes
figo a wonderful mix of terrier and pug that can read your mind
madison an older girl that enjoys watching the action
claire a feisty smaller girl with a big watch dog persona
chester part couch part lab a sweet brown dog that will win you over
pipper a high spirited lass
bart friend to benji morkie
benji friend to bart morkie
masie owen's corgie girlfriend
kane bull mastive, king corso mix very large and totally sweet
frosty a high spirited lab pup
ginger and molly imports from ireland part jack part terrier 100% crazy good puppies
sylvie lives with molly and ginger a wirery bouvier mix that is so smart it hurts
max a new ball of fuff
jake a huge ball of fluff that started small think large muppet
taz i love taz and one day wish to kidnap him but i never will he is a long haired dashund
dante black lab wanders very sweet

this list is not complete, many dogs i don't know on a first name basis

oh did i mention i used to be completly afraid of dogs, so scared i would freeze or i would have to cross the road well in is never too late to dispel a fear thinks me...

happily i have gone to the dogs!


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