Monday, June 04, 2007

pouch grey corduroy collage woman

this little pouch has found it's way to a gifty shop, along with other of my makes if in Picton please vist

197 Main Street

Picton is a very pretty little town, near Sandbanks National Park
My friend Bay the soap maker and bee keeper lives near Picton
her stuff is lovely. Please check out her site at

My favorite is her signature scent and soap "Bay" it smells great.

now to walk in rain,
eat bacon
(yes i am aware it is bad)
drink tea

make beds
sew bookmarks
enjoy rain colours

something for dinner

run errand
make custom button for huge
look for poems from the mall for christine
return vivian's phone call from last week!
find vivians number

remove clutter

see you soon.

peace out.


teresa said...

Oh that corduroy pouch is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Fran, I was just on the Good Catch website looking for a complaint box and decided to see what kind of people deal with that prick that owns the place. Turns out your stuff is pretty nice. Is there anywhere else to find your stuff, because after that guy with the mohawk and the really bad teeth tried to come on to me for the whole duration of my visit, I'll never shop there again. I asked the guy if I could speak to the manager, and the dirt-bag said. . ." I am the manager, bitch! " Hopefully that's not true, and this message will find it's way to someone who actually matters. Well, anyway, thought you might like to know what your dealing with. Take care.

Anonymous said...

hi fran,
sorry to hear your experience at good catch was 'bad'. to my knowledge the owners are very nice and neither have a mohawk (hair-dos' can change however?).

thanks for letting me know.

my stuff can also be found at nathalie-roze and company is leslieville.

my apologies again for your bad experience.

(anoymous because i can't seem to log into blogger)

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