Saturday, June 09, 2007

let things come to you

from a 'yogi' tea bag
ginger raspberry flavour

today a day off has come to me.
my workshop having been cancelled.
oh well.

a day off, hmmh been having a few of those lately
being well.

out of the no frills came simon,
an old friend who i brought home for tea
and back yard enjoyment.

he told excellent stories,
as he always does

i had been thinking of him,
and that day he me...
and well then we had tea!

the other day i called kathleen
and we meet in the park,
with her beautiful threeee
year old louisa and my wee
dog owen, we romped
and then backyarded in her
backyard and i had a lovely lunch
and we talked turkey, literally 'cause
kathleen a film maker went to show her
film in a feminist film festival in turkey
her film is a short called 'lost things'
a very thought provoking short,
honoured to have done the illustration for her poster,
i might mention
any way organic eggs are way yellow
and taste awesome

gave owen a bath the other day
on the impulse cause he was
watching me so enjoy the tub
and grabbed my pal bay's
handmade shampoo bar soap
then all the dogs loved him more
and thought he smelled too delicious

today is sunny and the air is clear
and all the little doggies frolicked
and things came to me like space
and stretch and wellness
and it is all well just excellent.

really i am not a polly anna with
rose coloured glasses, it's just
that moment to moment
air and sun can be so so fine.

to you!!

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