Friday, January 14, 2005

better for words

better for words, not really sentenses and never evnoff to spell ha ah
these are all really short short stories (true ones too!)
emerald green prophalatic on a wet day, found object, no it is not a net, put it down, oh, lets wash our hands.
next story
the perfume that i drank when i was about 7
it was french and strong, and i smelt it today...
upside down, inside out problem of preparing a mango relvealed, what i learnt yesterday!
mangos are not blue even thou mr. sketch markers had one that was turquoise in mango smell, a completly different tale
next mango
mango love, not rated p.g, relates perhaps to first story..
have you noticed that mangos and french perfume are alike?
Please send suggestions for how to eat a papaya by next tuesday,


kymmie said...

Your post reminds me of my Momster's "Tales of Woe" also known as my childhood. I too drank perfume. L'air du Temps. I ate a tube of my Daddy's airplane glue (the kind used for real aircraft not toy models) and apparently I also enjoyed tubes of my (artist)Momsters paints. Particularly the green. Go figure. Your blog is enchanting. It was a random find months ago and a favorite today... Have the loveliest day.

Dene' said...

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