Thursday, July 09, 2009

smashing colour, gentle shoppers

in the grocery

is a blind

lead gently
round the isles
by a young grocery store clerk

smashing coloured clothing
pale pink and vermillion together
shocking colours which are lively
and deliciously vibrant

behind milky eyes
holding firm to the shopping cart handle
fred and ginger
couldn't of made it around the store any better

a smile of encouragment
and in the next isle
the dairy case
words between the young man
the old blind woman

the basket filling with
the finest looking produce
and the best priced yogurt

another milky-er world
soft around the edges
requiring no pretense or pretend
as far as trust is concerned
and the need for another pair of eyes

at the check out
still enamoured with the divine coloured clothing
and the sweet young man
that finds
in helping
he too is helped

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