Wednesday, July 01, 2009

insects and two men on the bus

particulary in my back yard
but else where as well

insects hum

each one i invite
and visit

two men on the bus
speaking in slightly too loud conversation

about going for a ride to drink a cup of coffee
catch a flick
ask each are you married
girl friend
broke up eh?

a little insect rides my knapsack
crawls the long grass that is arm hair
up the thin pale hair and down the otherside
we ride together
and also converse
but silently

i note the colour
and lightness
the delicate nature
the moving creature
as i become landscape
and amusment

the travellers
with the voices
are reading lines to a play
they once saw
or parts made up just for them
slow loud plodding
with silences that are like cement blocks

outside in the garden this morning
i see a snail dismount a flowering plant
up and over fluid and slow and quiet

black bird flys over head like shadow

underside of a leaf reveals a spikey guy
orange and black

and then one of the flyers comes by
translucent winged

small and large
fever dreams like alice

why dig for dinosaurs
when the exotics are all around
yet to be named tinies

where did the men part company?
how is it they came to meet on my streetcar?
what happened to my travelling companion that liked my arm hair?

summer happens
hot and thick and breezy
shade trees become refuge from hot sun

alive-ness in insects keep me in wonder
a ballet
a factory
a work camp
a ferris wheel

it is easy to travel
so easy with a patch of green

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