Tuesday, December 23, 2008

happy to you

the swirl of the snow has stopped

but he dark brown limbs of my tree has ledges of thick white

inside i listen to the carols play

upstairs two girls play

long hair and limbs and rosy cheeks
almost lunch

tip tap type

new year coming
hanukah candles glowing

sitting meditation today
mixed with little yoga wake up body stuff

doodling on the computer
words and pictures
dipping in

luxury of nothing pressing
time stretched out like flora, the cat, on the bed
in the hottest of weather

so much possiblility
breathe in
breathe out

energy intensity

merry making
shedding needles of our tree

sincere wishes
good thoughts

and mostly

happy holidays to you


as i drift onto the next...

1 comment:

krissy said...

sounds like you are enjoying some lovely, relaxing days. good for you! you deserve some nice leisure time after all of those stressful months of work, work, work...

we're up at my mom's now. just arrived tonight. the holidays have officially begun!

talk soon i hope! can't wait to finally meet up for some kim and krissy time.

best wishes to you and your lovely family!


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