Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Hello. I have returned from the odyssey called The One of a Kind Show, featuring over 800 vendors.

Yep it was big,
and long.

I am very happy to report that my work was received very well, smiling faces and kind words abounded.
I sold some stuff too, which was very nice. Thank you to all those that visited my booth and all those that bought stuff.

Much thanks goes out to my wonderful sister, who was my roady, my delightful husband who temporarily became a single parent,my awesome daughter who took my absense in stride ,my dog who held his bladder a little longer, my cat who knew everything would be alright, my fish who possibly didn't notice, but didn't complain, my mother who had very noble intentions and lox and cream cheese bagels, my friends Sandy and Rhonda who helped me and allowed me to clear my head by stepping away. Kate who cheered me. Krissy who listened, encouraged and drove my tired bones home each night and thank you to,
All the supportive and encouraging and good intentions of the many people too numerous to list, and even to that nice man who was so nice, and i was so tirered that I cried.

I did stretch, honest I think I must be at least a half inch taller, if not on the outside, on the inside.

Thank You All!



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Lisa PN said...

I am so glad to hear that it went well for you!

Will you be doing it again in the spring time? I hope to see you there again!

big hugs,

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