Tuesday, November 13, 2007

wooly bears basket

wooly bears basket 2, originally uploaded by Kim's Suitcase.

i have been preparing for my first venture into the christmas one of a kind show.

i hope it is kind.
i have been busy.
so much in my basket of thoughts and activities.
bears, and errands and pots of soup yet to be made,
sweet goldfish going another day in a foggy tank

the leaves in my backyard are excellent.
yesterday in the dewy ness i meet a fantastic spider web

bea has been home sick,
with a stuffed up ness

i have been working here..
in bits and bobs of time,

recently i read a very nice interview with bruce springstein
who closes his door to write, in a do not disturb mode and his son asks him for a lift and i imagine him putting down the pen, because what he does is gives his son that lift... knowing there is no end to creativity and songs and such.

so i flit, trying my best, keeping my sanity
taking the dog to the park, encouraging good acts of kid art,
stirring, shopping, being me here now and trying not to worry to much about my basket of bears and the 10 thousand things
and hearing glenn gould play the goldberg variations just lets me
click away, life so full, and so much and so short ...

in my backyard two mature pine trees keep me in touch with all these beautiful things, all the coming and going and the deep good breathes one can take while under the branches of good friend trees

this is me these days
how are you?

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mimi k said...

your bears look wonderful! I hope the sales go well- it can be so stressful until you sort of get used to it :-)

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